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Grinding splints, snoring splints & sports mouth guards in Reinach

Individually adapted mouth guards for every need.

To protect your teeth

Grinding splints:

These individually adapted plastic splints protect your teeth from abrasion at night. Stress-related clenching or grinding at night destroys tooth enamel unnoticed. This can be prevented using grinding splints, which can also serve to reduce tension in the head and shoulder area.

Sports mouth guards:

Sports mouth guards offer many athletes in leisure and club sports the ultimate protection against dental injury. They help to avoid injury to teeth, gums and jaw joints, especially in contact sports.

Snoring splint:

A snoring splint (protrusion splint) can be an effective solution to snoring. It is used for the most common cause of snoring: tongue snoring.

Tongue snoring causes the tongue muscles to relax. This narrows the airways and causes typical snoring. People who sleep on their backs suffer particularly badly from this, but a lower jaw protrusion splint can help.

The splint frame is worn like removable braces. It pulls the lower jaw forward, displacing both the tongue muscle and the lower jaw tissue. This means that the airways are kept clear and the annoying snoring noise is eliminated.

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