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Aesthetic dentistry in Reinach

Maintain the beauty and natural appearance of your teeth.

Aesthetic improvement through bleaching, veneers, white fillings and crowns

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with improving the appearance of teeth. Tooth whitening, veneers, crowns but also simple white plastic fillings can be used.

Dental bleaching uses a bleaching agent to lighten the colour of your teeth. Professional tooth whitening is a popular, simple treatment to improve the appearance of teeth. However, we recommend a professional dental cleaning and a discussion of your concerns beforehand.

When it comes to bleaching, we differentiate between three different methods.

In-office whitening

As the name suggests, the bleaching process is carried out entirely at the dental practice.

The lips and gums are shielded before treatment begins. The dentist then applies an intensive bleaching agent externally to the teeth and allows it to take effect for some time. The effect can be intensified in a targeted manner using a special lamp or laser light. Several applications may be necessary, depending on the initial situation and the desired result.

Home bleaching

We produce thin, individually tailored plastic splints for you.

The bleaching gel is poured into them and you wear them at home for one to two hours or overnight. Then, you use a regenerating product to seal the tooth surface again. You can repeat this method as needed.

Walking bleach method
Only a dentist can whiten teeth that have become dark due to root canal treatment. To do this, a special bleaching agent is introduced into the crown and the tooth is then temporarily sealed. This procedure is repeated as needed

until the desired colour shade is achieved.


A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is bonded to the conformed tooth surface to improve its appearance. They can help correct a number of aesthetic problems. These include shape corrections of small, crooked teeth or colour corrections of cracked, discoloured teeth. They are durable and high quality and, with good dental care, will provide years of satisfaction.

Partial crowns, crowns

We use crowns or partial crowns made of tooth-coloured ceramic for more severely damaged teeth and major aesthetic concerns. They are cemented firmly onto the tooth. Models are produced beforehand for simulation. We have been working with the Ramseyer Laboratory in Pratteln and the Kaufmann Dental Works Laboratory in Sissach for years.

White fillings
Aesthetic problems can be improved cost effectively using simple white composite fillings. This includes, for example, shape corrections or filling large interdental gaps.

Caries treatment and amalgam restoration

With conservative tooth preservation, your own teeth are preserved using fillings. The primary goal is to remove tooth structure destroyed by caries as non-invasively as possible. The tooth is then rebuilt with plastic, white filling material.

However, there are also indirect restoration procedures that are used for larger defects. In such cases, ceramic inlays or onlays are made in the laboratory after taking an impression and then firmly bonded to your tooth in a following session.

We would be happy to recommend the ideal solution for you.

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